Esspress is the name under wich visual artist Esmé Rijnders (1989, Netherlands) works. She finished studies in Spatial Presentation Design at SintLucas, Boxtel and Visual Arts & Education at Fontys School of Arts, Tilburg.

Encounters with places and people during her travels are the starting point of her works. Her artwork is about showing and sharing a reflection of human lifes and it’s effects.

Almost every photo on this website can be ordered as a handmade caffenol print or regular poster in various sizes. If you have special wishes or want to see more works (not everything is showed online) feel free to contact me!



A decade ago, when I was studying spatial design I found photography. I was fascinated by what an image borders; usually rare moments of my daily life or symbolic personal portrets. Later I got drawn to analog photography and taught myself. It was tough at first to combine with my lifestyle-changes since I’ve started living in my van. But I feel I must travel, just like the light rays wich create my pictures. The alternative lifestyle forces me to keep things simple, I don’t have much space or fancy machines or a lot of money. But all that is just fine, as long as I can show you something you haven’t seen before.

My new work is called the TIA series; analog black and white photographs taken in Tanzania, Africa.  I devellop the photo’s myself, therefor I use my own Caffenol mixture wich exists out of coffee, soda and vitamin C. This way I try to avoid using as much chemicals as possible and these ingrediënts are easy to obtain during traveling.

Now I went even more basic with making photographic images; I’ve made my own wooden pin-hole camera to take to Russia. This way I don’t need to take an enlarger (electrical machine) with me.

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